Childproofing is an absolute must before your child begins to crawl. The key is to identify hazards in the home right away. Baby accident statistics prove that young ones between the ages of six months old to two years of age are rushed to emergency rooms most often due to accident and not illness. This is where the expertise of Safer-Baby can wisely protect your little one from catastrophe.

Safer-Baby Experts

Safer-Baby is a bonded and licensed baby-proofing business operating under California Contractors License Number 704286. We have successfully been in operation since 1982, more than 32 years, providing expert advise and services in the installation of materials and devices that are well designed to prevent the injury or harm to your child as well as earthquake mishaps.

Don’t delay with the baby proofing of your home. Begin before your child becomes mobile, in fact. Ideally, one should experience what might catch the eye of a small one, by dropping to their knees and sprawling across the floor as an infant would. Experiencing the sites at your toddlers eye-level will enable you to see first hand the dangers that present enticements to your baby.

Exposed Areas of Particular Baby Harm

Areas to be of particular concern are vast. They include: exploring cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom, crib access to mobiles, and toys and bumper pads, drapery cords, electrical cords and electrical outlets can be wrapped and chewed or wet and sticky fingers (from saliva at a minimum) can be inserted into sockets, all causing grave harm. Furniture must be examined carefully. Tables, wall units, dressers or bookcases can fall on babies as they attempt to climb up on wobbly movables or can be too accessible for the pulling of little hands on such heavily weighted items.

Safer-Baby is but a phone call away. Invite us in to access your home for potential accidents and we will review our observations with you in detail. You will make the final determination of what requires our expert construction to resolve. Some noted and accident prone exposed areas will be easily handled by you, in order to remain cost effective if you like, as we will simply guide you on what areas should be addressed by us, professionally.

Safer-Baby Tips for Harm Prevention

Safer-Baby can provide specialty tips on baby safety prevention, as well. Areas of oversight can include entertaining, flooring and garbage cans. Home parties can leave behind terrible exposed contaminants like leftover ashtrays and alcoholic beverages. Sliding area rugs can be particularly dangerous for a crawling toddler and so can sharp trash can lids, chicken bones or plastic zip-lock bags. Sharp and pointy edges can be easily overlooked when their exposure to harm is unclear. Covering such edges is crucial harm prevention. We will gladly be your accident advisor to protect your young-one from such danger.

Safer-Baby Coverage Areas

Our service areas include: Santa Clarita, Calabasas, and Agoura Hills, the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and Malibu, and Santa Monica, Pasadena and the South Bay. We are the childproof experts. Let us help you create a safe and worry-free home environment for your baby to grow up in.