Safer-Baby! will come to your home and help you assess the safety issues facing your baby. A highly experienced consultant will walk with you, room by room, pointing out potential dangers and remedies that can be taken to mitigate them. We will give you an itemized comprehensive compilation of the products we recommend and an estimate of our installation fees, if you would like us to do the work.
Yes, our consultation fee is $60.00. Your $60.00 deposit can be used in the store for products or used against installation service costs.
Yes, we are a licensed (CA Contractor License #704286), bonded and insured company. With over 15 years experience installing baby safety products. Our installers are familiar with the products they use and have developed methods to adapt these products to varied and difficult areas to be protected. Many of our methods have been adopted by other baby proofing companies throughout the USA.
Our goal is to install the products you select properly while causing a minimum of damage to your home. Extreme care is taken to install the products right the first time. Banisters and base boards are protected from holes as much as possible. Plexiglas is often secured without drilling into banisters, keeping damage to a minimum. We clean every area as we finish it. We want your home to be as clean when we leave as when we came in.
Many of the safety products are not seen, such as interior cabinet and drawer latches. We carry a full line of decorator hardware that can almost always blend with your current hardware. Gates are custom framed in natural wood. The wood can be painted or stained to match your décor. (However, we do not do painting or staining.) Electrical cords can often be covered and secured making them unnoticeable. Some items are used which are not especially decorative but are functionally sound.
Installation time is determined by the amount of products installed and the difficulty of the installation. Our estimate will give you an approximation of the time to install all the products we recommend. If you decide to choose some of the products, but not all, the cost consists of our store product price plus sales tax plus the labor hours to install them. Our installers charge $65.00 per installer, per hour. All estimates are figure in man hours.
Many homeowners and handymen are not aware of the different types of products available for baby proofing, nor how to adapt them when they don’t fit. Most non-experienced installers do not know how the products are supposed to work. Improperly installed or poor quality products can be a danger to you and your family. Our familiarity with quality products and proper installation methods allows us to install them faster, better and most importantly, safer!
Yes. Please call us at 818 766-4866 or E-Mail us directly to place your order.