We offer the following quality services to the Santa Monica Area:

  • Consultation services to aid in your quest for a safer home
  • Installation services to install the proper products safely and securely while causing minimal damage to your property

Baby Safety Consultation Service

Safer-Baby! offers an in-home consultation service.  Its primary purpose is to share our experience in identifying dangers facing your child in your home.  We inform you of the various products and living habits that can mitigate these dangers.  You will receive a comprehensive estimate which features a compilation of the products needed, their prices and an estimate of the labor cost if you wish to use our installation service.

Baby Proofing Installation Service

The goals of our installation service are to install the proper products safely and securely while causing minimal damage to your property.  We recommend only those child safety products that have proved to be effective and resilient.  Many of our installation methods are currently being used by baby proofers across the country because of their effectiveness.

Safer-Baby goes the “extra mile” to adhere to the highest installation standards.  Gates are custom-framed.  This allows our installations to conform to the manufacturer’s specifications and proper height requirements.  Baseboards, walls, and banisters are protected as much as possible.  Plexiglass is cut on the premises to allow for the best possible fit.  All plexiglass edges are hand-sanded to remove chips and roughness.  Cabinet and drawer latches are recommended according to strength and reliability, not ease of installation.  We work efficiently and clean each area as we finish.

Many homes have unique safety issues.  We have been retained to analyze and develop solutions across the U.S.A.  We have installed one-of-a-kind safety solutions as far away as Nevada, Texas, Florida, New Jersey and New York.
Every baby’s safety is important to us.  We babyproof small apartments to the largest homes in America.  We pride ourselves on giving the same high standard of installation to each and every customer in Santa Monica.